Made in Kibera is more than a cultural project. It is a collective, a movement that was formed organically amongst the creative community of the slum.  Behind this initiative is Kibera Creative Arts (KiCA) a community based organization of young artists who came together in 2006 to share ideas, explore their talent & empower the creative community of the slum.

Kibera Creative Arts

Kibera Creative Arts (KiCA) is non-religious, non-tribal, non-political Community Based Organization that is aimed at empowering Kibera community economically and socially through the Arts. KiCA was formed by young men and women that were driven by the zeal to transform their community using their different potentials, talents and gifts. KiCA provides opportunities to Kibera artists to explore and unleash their artistic potentials while aiming to provide the necessary support, networks, services and facilities, for them to pursue their artistic ambitions and make the whole community benefit from their passion. For more information click here! 


Soon after, Kubuka joined them. This Spanish NGO based in Kibera has been working since 2013 to create sustainable development within the slum with different projects & initiatives and has been supporting this project ever since.

It all began with a reggae song that was created by different local artists who felt the need to voice the reality of Kibera in a positive way. The song’s success proved the musical potential of the slum as it pulled artists together who wanted to continue to collaborate. No matter what genre of music each artist represents, whether it's be reggae, dancehall, hip hop, kamba or even gospel music they always try to work together, learning and championing each others art form.



Thank you to all our friends and families that continue to believe in this project. Working all together we are more powerful to achieve our dream: to make the slum a better place and empower Kibera’s talent.

¡Join us!