MIK Productions offers a variety of services

From individual and live band recordings to production of instrumentals and voice overs. Made in Kibera Productions covers a wide variety of audiovisual services. Check out our list below. If you require more information get in contact with us or just pass by our studio and we will be happy to assist you. 


Artist Recordings

Our primary range of products covers services such as video, music, vocal and instrument recording, production and postproduction. Each package deal will vary depending on the artists’ requirements(studio sessions, material needed etc.) MIK Productions focuses on providing a professional high quality recording experience to musicians and sound recording artists.

Brand Collaborations

We are open to collaborate with third parties to create great musical projects. Are you an emerging artist? Would you like to give an original edge to your brand? Would you like amazing content production for your media channel? In summary, would you like to join our stories on the move?

We seek to collaborate with:

  • Artists outside Kibera
  • Music industry entities
  • Labels and other recording studios
  • Companies
  • Cultural institutions
  • Media


In order to strengthen and nurish the artistic Kiberan movement we are organizing MIK Productions events:

Event planning and promotion

  • Workshops
  • Artist Forum
  • Concerts
  • Artist merchandising

Take a look at our Facebook Page and find out upcoming events!


CD Services

  • Duplication
  • Compilation
  • Promotion