Made in Kibera Productions (MIK) is the first audiovisual recording studio in the heart of Kibera, Nairobi. With the aim of offering attainable products to local artists and develop musical collaborations with different third party entities. Made in Kibera Productions seeks to strengthen the cultural offer of the community using music as a prime drive changer. There is a powerful emerging musical movement in the slum which demands a trustworthy space to create and evolve solid musical careers, Made in Kibera Productions is keen in supporting these talents via its products end services.


To offer a high end professional recording space for amateur and professional musicians becoming the number one choice when it comes to audiovisual services in all of Nairobi.


Our brand is young, approachable, professional, inclusive, musical and contempo. It’s all about community and togetherness, working towards a common goal. 


Made in Kibera aims at being a sustainable business that reinvests in its community via Kleanbera SACCO Cooperative. The former is a Savings & Credit Cooperative Organization which is owned, funded, managed and run by its members, who have the common goal to give back to the community. In the case of Made in Kibera all money gained will be reinvested in community projects.   Made in Kibera is proud to be part of it’s community’s journey towards self reliance!