We all have a story, but not all of them are told the same way.

Kibera slum (Nairobi, Kenya) tells it through music, dance, painting, craftworks and comedy. Made in Kibera, is a movement that unifies the voices of the slum artists to create a speaker that reaches everywhere and spreads their story around the world. These are stories full of hard work, solidarity, positivity and desire of success: stories that are waiting to be uncovered.

- Art is the reflection of society -
— Swahili proverb


The aim of this movement is to connect Kibera to the world through its artists. That way, the story of the slum will be told, and its artists will be able to make their talent a way of living. Finally, Made in Kibera will be the first professional production studio in the slum providing the tools to produce quality songs and videos in a sustainable way.


Check out the official video:



Kibera is considered one of the biggest slums in the world. With a population of around 750 thousand people, this informal settlement has been usually forgotten by everybody. Hit by unemployment, lack of healthcare and a huge problem of waste management, its people scraped out a living. But despite that, new generations are stepping forward to thrive and change this situation.



Check out their talent in reggae music, dancehall, kamba, hip-hop, gospel, percussion, dance... Give them work demanding a song by request.


To be part of this movement you can also donate audio-visual devices or make a monetary donation to support the creation of the production studio. Choose the option that best fits you.